Kingstree native and husband have 11 children, and counting

Karen and Deon Derrico say multiples run in both families.
Updated: Feb. 28, 2019 at 4:54 PM EST
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Meet the Derrico kids.

There's big sister Darian, age 13.

Next is big brother Derrick, he's eight.

Right behind him are twin brothers Dallas and Denver, age seven.

Now here come the 5-year old quintuplets: Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician,and Daiten.

And mom and dad are holding the two surviving triplets, Diez and Dior, who are 21-months old. Their brother Carter went to Heaven shortly after he was born.

Karen grew up in Kingstree and this is the first time she and husband Deon have brought all 11 of their children for a visit. With three sets of multiples, you probably assume they used some type of fertility treatment.

Nope! They say it runs in the family.

"So on my mother's side there are four sets of twins. On my father's side I have an uncle, a great uncle, that has two sets of triplets," Karen Derrico said.

"My mother miscarried triplets right before me, and then my grandmother's brother has eleven children, and within those eleven children, there are two sets of twins," Deon Derrico said.

They always suspected they might have twins, so Dallas and Denver were no surprise. Then a few years later came the news of four babies at one time. But before they could catch their breath, the doctor called them back in.

"She goes and looks, and she finds the baby girl behind my wife's breast, breastbone. And that's the fifth one, so you can only imagine our shock. I mean we were still, this is two days later, so we were still in awe over the first four," Deon said.

Their doctor was concerned about that many babies sharing the same space, so at 22 weeks, Karen moved from their home in Las Vegas, to Mesa, Arizona to be under the care of a specialist. All went well, and she brought home five healthy little ones after 32 weeks.

Eleven children require lots of planning and organization.

"So 7 o'clock is everybody's time to bring me all their folders to be signed, homework and everything is done and completed, all their backpacks and everything is packed and lined up," Karen said.

“In birth order, everything is birth order,” Deon said.

A lot of kids means a lot of love, but it also means a lot of laundry. Karen says she does about 3 to 4 loads of laundry a day and the monthly grocery bill and eating out, $3,500 a month. But a lot of times when they go out, people see their big family, they are amazed and moved, and a lot of times they'll offer to pay for their food, and the parents say that's definitely a nice treat.

All the kids are healthy, and the older ones are in school and doing well. They had just returned from Myrtle Beach for this interview.

Did y'all have a good time at myrtle beach?


What was fun about Myrtle Beach, just yell it out?

A sand castle!


The water park!

The beach!

Doing cannon balls!

As you can imagine, it takes a village to help raise that many children and they have support both in Kingstree and in Vegas. The man with the hat is Deon's nephew Eric. He also lives in Vegas and helps the couple a lot. The lady is Miss Martha. A family friend in Kingstree, and the man standing up is Karen's cousin Carey. He opened up his house for this interview.

And the Derricos will need all the help they can get, because more babies are on the way in August.

"That's the little belly," Deon said.

And what are we expecting this time how many babies?

"Three, it's triplets, triplets, yes," Deon and Karen said.

With that, there's nothing left to do but drop the mic. After a few farewell pictures the Derrico's are off to feed this hungry bunch. Time to load em up and move em out.

Deon is a real estate investor and provides for the family. The couple doesn't get any type of public assistance caring for their big family.

They are in negotiations with a network to do a reality television show.

And after the triplets are born this summer, they haven't ruled out more children. They say they will know when it's time to stop.

The community is invited to come out and meet the Derricos before they head back to Las Vegas. The event is Saturday, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Circle G Ranch, located at 35 Wilson Chappel Road in Kingstree. There will be free food, games and horseback rides for kids ages 0- 13. Copyright 2019 WCSC. All rights reserved.