Names released in fatal officer-involved shooting, house fire in Mt. Holly

Names released in fatal officer-involved shooting, house fire in Mt. Holly
Officials first responded to a domestic disturbance call and, upon arriving, say a man in the home set a second-story bedroom on fire. (Source: WBTV)

MOUNT HOLLY, NC (WBTV) - A 911 call was released just moments before a man with a sword was killed in an officer-involved shooting. Officials say the man started a fire and jumped from the window of a home in a Mount Holly neighborhood Saturday morning.

The woman caller says her son who may have been on drugs locked himself in a room and was pacing around. During a confrontation with the caller’s husband, she says her son threatened to shoot her husband.

The caller told the 911 operator she was unsure if there were any guns in the room but believed there may have been knives in another room upstairs.

Officials responded to the scene when they say the man, identified Tuesday as 42-year-old Larry Hoover, reportedly started a fire in a second-story bedroom.

First responders who came to the scene said Hoover then jumped out of a window with a sword and ran away from the house.

After jumping out of the window, first responders say Hoover ran to another part of the neighborhood where, according to the SBI, 33-year-old Officer Lee Farris fired his weapon. No details have been released about the moments that led to the shooting. Hoover died at the scene.

Neighbor John Oakes said he was listening to police scanners after he smelled smoke in the neighborhood to find out what was going on.

“I heard somebody say that somebody had jumped out of a window with swords or something,” said Oakes.

Eleven-year-old Gabby Ribber, who lives in the neighborhood, said when her mom saw the smoke, she told Gabby not to go outside. Gabby says she was thinking about a girl she says is 5 or 6-years-old who she knows lives at the house because they ride the same bus to school.

“That was a girl that goes to my school," said Gabby.

“It’s a tragic thing that happened,” said Bradley Crisp, another neighbor.

Oakes said he often listens to police scanner traffic, but was surprised by what he heard today.

“Never heard anything like it. So it sort of shocked me when I heard what was going on,” said Oakes.

No further injuries were reported at the scene.

This remains an active investigation by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.

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