Sheriff’s dispatcher honored for saving a life on the way to work

VIDEO: Sheriff’s dispatcher honored for saving a life on the way to work

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Colleton County dispatcher was honored for quick thinking deputies say saved a life during an early-morning commute.

Sheriff R.A. Strickland presented dispatcher Daquan Sittpm with a certificate of recognition for brave actions in an emergency situation, Colleton County Sheriff’s spokesperson Shalane

"A person who puts themselves at great personal risk to aid a fellow human being states so much about ones character,” Strickland said.

Sutter was on his way to work from Summerville on Feb. 16 at approximately 3 a.m. when he saw another vehicle begin moving erratically on the Cottageville Highway. At one point, he saw the vehicle, a black Jeep, almost hit two mailboxes as it weaved in and out of the opposite lane of traffic, Lowes said.

Sutter called his fellow dispatchers to report the vehicle, fearing the driver or an innocent person would be harmed.

He then continued to follow the vehicle from a safe distance, Lowes said. A short time later, the driver lost control of the vehicle, rammed into the guardrail at full speed, then flipped four or give times before landing upside down in a body of water off the Cottageville Highway, Lowes said.

Still on the phone with dispatch keeping them updated on the situation, Sutter pulled over and yelled out to see if anyone in the vehicle was able to respond. The driver shouted back, and Sutter jumped into the knee high water and pulled the victim through the window of the submerged vehicle to safety.

Colleton County deputies and Colleton County Fire Rescue arrived on scene and assisted the victim, but he refused transport to the hospital, Lowes said.

“Because of the heroic actions of a young man who went above and beyond the call of duty we were able to save a life, the outcome might have been different if it weren’t for his quick thinking and responsive nature on the scene of the accident," Strickland said.

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