Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders holds rally in North Charleston

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders holds rally in North Charleston

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke at a rally in North Charleston on Thursday for the first time since announcing his 2020 presidential run.

He has gained a following through his democratic-socialist policies.

During his last visit to the Palmetto state, Sanders said he’s fighting for racial, economic, and environmental justice, key subjects in his platform.

He also doesn’t shy away when it comes to his disapproval of President Donald Trump.

Sanders was in the Palmetto State in January attending community events before he announced his run.

The democratic candidate also came to the state when he ran for president in 2016.

At the rally he spoke to his platform of income inequality and healthcare for all.

“We have 22 percent of the children in South Carolina living in poverty… and we have 30 million Americans who have no health insurance. That is not justice," Sanders said.

He spoke how the healthcare system needs to offer full coverage like dental. A recent part of his platform also includes large pharmaceutical companies and the cost of medications.

Sanders also spoke to the need of sustainability and the awareness of climate change. That’s something his supporters say is important to them.

Sanders supporter James O’Brien said, “At the time, he was the only Democratic candidate that was really hammering on climate change and money and politics.”

Sanders has always been outspoken about large corporations and “not being bought” by corporate money.

He lost the 2016 primary vote by 47 points in South Carolina, but he says he’s putting on a stronger campaign in the state than before.

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