James Island homeowners frustrated over tree trimmings

Updated: Mar. 19, 2019 at 12:45 AM EDT
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JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - James Island homeowners are frustrated with SCE&G after two years of fighting over their tree trimmings.

Neighbors living on Riverland Terrace say it’s an ongoing issue.

Teresa Gill said she felt threatened when an SCE&G worker told her they were going to tow her car.

Gill said SCE&G workers showed up to her neighborhood to trim the trees as part of maintenance they do every five years so they’re not in the way of power lines, but she said they showed up unannounced and her car was parked right under a tree.

She said they went up to her property around 3 or 4 times telling her to move the car and they had permission from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office to do so.

“I called the police, the sheriff’s office, and someone came out and told them they didn’t have the right to tow my car. It wasn’t parked illegally, and asked me if I can have it moved by morning,” said Gill.

Gill said this time she wasn’t trying to block the trees, but other people in the area are trying to protect the trees by parking in front of them.

They say they’re frustrated with the lack of communication from the company. Some people have also tied up yellow ribbons around their oak trees so the power company won’t cut them.

“Now they’re coming through and they’re cutting much larger trees. We’re hoping that there’ll be some compromise and some of their really stringent regulations that they have of 10 feet and 15 feet from the lines, can be modified," said Riverland Terrace resident Rena Lasch.

In response to this, SCE&G spokesperson sent the following statement:

Regarding tree trimming work in Charleston county, I can confirm that SCE&G has not called on local law enforcement to tow any vehicles. It is important to note that we have an obligation to maintain a safe and reliable system along our established rights-of-way. Should residents willfully attempt to obstruct that work, we could rely on the assistance of local law enforcement.

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