Group raises concerns over possible new CCSD school location

VIDEO: CCL voices concern over possible new CCSD school location

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Coastal Conservation League is voicing their concern about a potential new school’s impact on the environment if the board were to choose the land off Hwy. 17.

They say the land off Doar Rd. is pristine and they don’t want anything to harm it.

The Charleston County School District has been looking at properties for a new high/middle school in Awendaw but the Coastal Conservation League says one of the potential spots will hurt a nearby park that is being built.

“It’s important we protect the natural resources in that area from new development that could hinder its ability to continue as pristine,” Caroline Bradner, a project manager for the Coastal Conservation League says.

The league says at a Greenbelt advisory board meeting they were told by the town administrator that the school wouldn’t have a nearby waterway to release waste because there isn’t public sewage. She says the school would pipe its treated sewage to the park and spray it in certain areas that could harm the land and possibly even people.

“Where they’re spraying it, you’re depending on it being clean and safe people and kids will play there,” Bradner says. “There’s concerns about this on public property.”

CCSD states that they haven’t made a final location decision but says “The Board of Trustees has directed staff to negotiate a contract for purchase of land in District 1 that would serve Districts 1 and 2.”

The Coastal Conservation League says they hope the district finds another option or chooses another location. They started a petition for anyone who is concerned about the sprayed sewage to sign to show the Town of Awendaw that people care. That petition can be found here: .

“Really evaluate what the benefits and costs are for each option it would be wonderful if the community could be more aware of alternatives,” Bradner says.

The Town of Awendaw says they support the idea of the school coming to the location on Hwy. 17 because it is needed for the families in the area.

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