Coroner identifies two people killed in Williamsburg County shooting

Coroner identifies two people killed in Williamsburg County shooting

WILLIAMSBURG COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Authorities have identified two people killed in a shooting in Williamburg County.

Williamsburg County Deputy Coroner Vernal Fulton said 24-year-old Raven Terrell Reid and 23-year-old John Edwards Dilon Davis died.

It happened overnight in the Bloomingvale area of the county, according to sheriff’s office spokesman Daryel Moyd.

The family of Raven Terrell Reid came together Monday to share pictures and stories of their loved one at the home they have family dinner in every Sunday. Her mother says they never imagined something like this hitting their close-knit family

“I don’t think anyone really sees themselves in a situation such as this to be burying a child, niece, granddaughter, sister, and mother,” said Tonya Mitchell, who is Raven Reid’s cousin.

The family said their biggest priority is going to be taking care of the little 3-year-old boy she left behind when she was killed.

Family members say her son already often stayed with several different family members because they all like to be involved with raising the children in the Reid family. They say now that his stay will be permanent with his grandmother and great-grandmother, they are willing and able to take him in officially.

“We will have to raise him. We’ve been raising him anyway. But I’m just saying we raise our good families with family," said Reid’s mother, Rhonda Reid.

Her brother says he tried to go to school Monday morning but was so upset over her death that he had to leave after first period. He says they were always close, so he only had good things to say when she walks in the room.

The family says they have made the funeral arrangements at their family church, Greater St. Peter Apostolic Faith, and will be laying her to rest in a special place to their family.

“She will be buried with the rest of my family, so she will always be here with us,” said Mae Reid, Raven Reid’s grandmother.

Her mother says the next step is learning how to do life without the woman that brought life into everyone’s lives.

The Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office has not released any details about a suspect in the investigation at this time.

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