Lowcountry father returns home after being deployed for nine months

Lowcountry father returns home after being deployed for nine months

BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCSC) -Two Foxbank Elementary School students got a sweet surprise Thursday when they were in the car line to be picked up.

Jaden and Janice Azunie thought they were just hanging out with the school mascot, but it was actually their dad surprising them.

Felix Azunie has been deployed with the U.S. Navy for nine months in Africa. He says he has had little communication with his wife and three kids during that time so he wanted his homecoming to be a surprise.

He got into Charleston Tuesday night, but he said he wanted to surprise them when they least expected him.

The father of three suited up in the schools “Boykin” mascot costume and headed to the car line to dance with the students until his kids came outside.

He danced around to “Who Let the Dogs Out” and high-fived kids just waiting for his own Children to come to him.

When he saw Jaden and Janice he danced with them and hugged them before ultimately taking off his Boykin costume head to reveal who he is. His two kids and wife could hardly let go of each other after the reveal, saying they can’t believe their dad is finally home.

Azunie says he finished his deployment, so it’s time to focus on spending time with his family.

When asked how they felt, Jaden and Janice were both speechless except for saying, “I’m so happy” over and over.

Azunie says he has never been more happy to be home.

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