Father of man arrested in Orangeburg hospital shooting blames his son’s mental illness

Father of man arrested in Orangeburg hospital shooting blames his son’s mental illness
Abrian Sabb

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - The family of the man shot at Regional Medical Center Wednesday spoke during Abrian Sabb’s bond hearing, asking the judge to keep him behind bars as their loved one fights for his life.

Abrian Sabb (Source: OCSO)
Abrian Sabb (Source: OCSO)

That request was granted.

Sabb’s father claims this entire ordeal could have been avoided if mental health issues were taken seriously in the US.

“My son is not a murderer. He’s not a killer, he’s not a violent person,” he said. “He is mentally ill, and he needs help. I’m not trying to get him out of jail, I’m trying to make sure he gets the treatment that he needs.”

Sabb says his son was diagnosed with schizophrenia two years ago and has not taken his medicine since August.

His father says the night before the hospital shooting, his son had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend over a gun. Sabb’s father claims he called deputies and asked them to take his son into custody. He says officers told him their hands were tied because the girlfriend claimed nothing happened.

“I told him for the security and the safety of the victim and the suspect, ‘Would you please take my son into custody so that we don’t have him hurting anyone else,’” he said. “They told me they could not do it.”

Sabb says he took the gun from his son used in that incident and drove him to a mental health facility to get the shot of medicine he needed for his schizophrenia. He says they were asked to come back at a later time.

According to the father, the suspect and his younger brother purchased another gun later that day under the brother’s name. Sabb’s father says that firearm would be used in the hospital shooting the following day.

Sabb says he feels for the victim’s family and is praying that man recovers.

“I say to the victim’s family that, we are sorry for what happened to your family member, and we are praying every night and every day for this person to recover.”

The victim’s family says he is showing signs of improvement today but is still on life support. They say they don’t know yet if he’ll pull through.

Sabb’s father says the gun used in the original incident was purchased legally before he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

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