7th victim comes forward with sexual abuse allegations against former CCSD employee

7th victim comes forward with sexual abuse allegations against former CCSD employee
Marvin Gethers was an employee of the Charleston County School District.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A seventh alleged victim of former Charleston County School District employee Marvin Gethers has come forward.

In a North Charleston police incident report from February 19, 2019, an 8-year-old boy saw Gethers on TV and said, “I’m glad he is gone," and the boy stated to his father that he was touched in the groin area. The child didn’t give specifics about how many times it happened, what exactly happened, or where, but gave a time period of 2013-2014.

The father told police that his son also changed schools that year when he began having trouble and keeping more to himself.

The total number of alleged victims stood at six as of mid-January and the new incident report makes a total of seven.

Of those other six victims, one has already settled a lawsuit against the district for $300,000. The family of at least one other alleged victim filed a lawsuit on Jan. 2 claiming Gethers abused the boy when he was between 7 and 8 years old while the boy attended Dunston Elementary School where Gethers worked.

That report detailed the discovery by a district IT employee of a browser history on Gethers' laptop that pointed to sites that contained pornography and Gethers' return to work at Dunston before a North Charleston forensic exam of the laptop was complete.

The victims alleged that they were abused after Gethers returned to work.

After a police forensic exam that took nearly two years to complete, Gethers was arrested after police said they found child porn on the computer. He was then fired from his position after he was arrested.

The report was ordered by current district leaders who were not with the district at the time. The report also states that updates to district policy since the Gethers case that would call for the immediate termination of any employee found to have accessed porn on a district-issued device were not in place at the time the alleged abuse occurred.

Gethers maintained his innocence and died in 2017 before he could be tried.

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