Parent Survival: Making road trips more memorable with your family

Parent Survival: Making road trips more memorable with your family

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Tackling a long drive with children comes with the task of keeping them busy. But finding engaging options to pass the time can be tough.

Lori Joe Harvey with AAA helps families plan their vacations and says the car is a perfect time to play a simple game, listen and sing along to your favorite songs together.

She says you can even do music or entertainment trivia from an app to pass the time.

"You can play those things as a family in the car and you can find out what mom and dad know or what kids know or different thing to keep the family interaction going," says Harvey.

You can also make the trip educational.

Talk about the states you’re going through and look up some surprising historical facts about the area you are staying in.

“You can have map games. Something not digital. So like you are driving though North Carolina, what’s the state capital to keep their minds going. Little things like that,” says Harvey.

Another thing Harvey says is key on a long trip is packing plenty of snacks and bottled water. Also, build in some stops every 2 to 3 hours so everyone can get out and stretch their legs.

“Plan a lunch stop so the kids can get out and play at the playground and and burn off a little steam and you can travel with more peace and quiet. Sit outside and have a picnic or a lunch if you plan that into your trip,” says Harvey.

Another good tip Harvey says if you have little ones is to hit the road early in the morning. Driving while the kids are still sleepy can get you several hours of driving with less noise.

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