Traffic complaints lead to safety checkpoint in Ladson community

Traffic complaints lead to safety checkpoint in Ladson community

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Dorchester County Sheriffs Office is cracking down on traffic issues along Parlor Drive in Ladson.

On Wednesday, they did that through a checkpoint.

The sheriff’s office said the checkpoint comes after complaints of traffic issues and accidents. Neighbors said some drivers are using the road as a cut through to Dorchester Road.

Over the last five years, there have been 101 wrecks along the stretch of road, according to the Office of Highway Safety.

People who live along the road describe it as busy with lots of speeders.

“The speed limit out here is 35 and you can tell they’re speeding through,” Patty Amaro said. “When you hear them and look they’re already passed the house.”

Amaro has lived along Parlor Drive for nearly a quarter of a century.

Due to the recent increase in traffic, she’s rearranging her house to try and avoid the noise.

“We’re getting ready to move to that other side of the house now that my kids are gone because it’s quieter,” Amaro said. “I’m hoping it’s quieter, because we hear the road noise all the time.”

Amaro said she’s complained to the Dorchester County Sheriffs Office in the past. On Tuesday, the department showed up outside her door for the checkpoint.

Amaro hopes the checkpoint will keep speeds down in the future.

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