You Paid for It: Overdue Charleston County property taxes

VIDEO: You Paid for It: Overdue Charleston County property taxes

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston County is waiting on more than $52 million in delinquent property taxes to be paid.

County officials say there are 42,358 past-due property tax accounts.

Counties rely on property taxes to keep their government running. That tax revenue is used to fund dozens of services including building and fixing county roads, recycling, mosquito control, the sheriff's office, county courts, the 911 center and much more.

Last fiscal year, Charleston County's treasurer collected more than $870 million total in property taxes. Of that total, $747 million is flagged for local towns and fire districts as well as the Charleston County School District.

For people who live in the county, property taxes are due Jan. 15 and are considered late on March 15.

Stalling payment only means those property owners must pay even more. Overdue accounts now face a 15 percent penalty on top of taxes and fees.

Charleston County’s website has a tool to allow you to look up taxes you owe on land and property, such as a vehicle.

You can also see past years’ tax bills.

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