You Paid For It: How DOT prioritizes road projects

You Paid For It: How DOT prioritizes road projects

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - This year, the South Carolina Department of Transportation plans to spend of $417 million repaving roads.

It’s part of a push to fix infrastructure and make traveling safer for all of us.

SCDOT spokesperson James Law said the state uses a special machine to map out the condition of roads.

“It’s laser-sensor, all of these sensors on it," Law said."A half a million dollar or better vehicle. We try to ride all of the roads, especially main roads and interstates."

He said that helps the DOT create a subjective priority list of which roads to fix first.

“They’re not just going to skip around and say, ‘I want this road done because it’s close to my house.’ It just doesn’t happen like that anymore,” Law said.

He said the DOT will add projects to priority status if towns or counties contact them about a road they are particularly concerned about and willing to help fund.

You have influence where your tax dollars end up.

You can request maintenance work here or call the DOT hotline to request repairs and improvements at 855-GO-SCDOT (855-467-2368).

“Most of those calls come in about potholes,” Law said. “That is a nightmare, and it’s never-ending. Our rural roads just weren’t built for the load they carry now.”

There’s more than $33 million slated to fund repaving in Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester, Williamsburg, Georgetown and Colleton Counties this year.

Click here to see a map of rural roads slate for improvement.

“Hopefully one day we’ll catch up,” he said.

Law also tells us they just got an estimate for the new Jedburg interchange in Berkeley County. He estimates the project will cost between fifty and sixty million dollars.

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