Tree crushes Colleton County man’s 18-foot pool

Tree crushes Colleton County man’s 18-foot pool

COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Colleton County man had a tree fall right on his pool after a storm passed through the area on Friday.

Colleton County saw some major damage in some areas because of the high winds and heavy rain earlier on Friday.

It left debris and downed trees all over the place.

To one man’s misfortune, Larry Johnson was stuck in the middle of it all.

Johnson lives in an area surrounding by trees in Walterboro.

He said when came home from work, he saw the storm happening in front of him and he had no choice but to watch it all from his truck.

He said the biggest surprise was a large tree that fell right on his 18 foot pool, completely crushing it.

It was inches away from his deck and if it the tree was taller, it would have hit his house.

“I couldn’t see my house 75 yards away inside my truck. It just all turned white," said Johnson. “As soon as it got over, it didn’t last long, but I didn’t expect to see the damage I saw when I came over."

Many people in that area also experienced power outages.

He said combined with having his power off for four hours, it made a miserable afternoon. But at the end of the day, Johnson said it could have been much worse.

“Anything can be replaced but life is worth more than anything," he said.

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