Boardwalk repairs on Sullivan’s Island to cost town about $100K

Published: Apr. 22, 2019 at 7:51 PM EDT
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SULLIVAN’S ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Sullivan's Island will soon start replacing two main boardwalks, which will cost tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Stations 25 and 26 both have boardwalks from the road to the beach with noticeable structural damage.

Hand rails are broken, wood is distorted or chipping and pieces of the boardwalk are unstable.

“We have noticed that some of the boardwalks have been splintering, some of them are uneven and we would definitely agree with them being replaced at some point in time," New Jersey resident and Sullivan’s Island visitor April Coniglio said.

Sullivan's Island Town Administrator Andy Benke is overseeing the project.

“Trying to replace some roten wood so that the public will have a safe and easy access to the beach,” Benke said.

Benke said Monday he is still finalizing design issues with the contractor, so they have not set a date to start construction yet.

The replacements will cover about 900 feet of boardwalk and raise the pathways in some areas.

The plan for these replacements comes from a hope to address flooding that can leave portions of the boardwalks submerged.

“If you have a crowded weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day in the fall, it’s just a mud path,” Hanahan resident Eric Brunhouse said. “You can see everyone’s lost flip flops and shoes and all that kind of stuff.”

A final cost for the project has not been set by the contractor yet, but Benke estimates it will cost about $100,000, which will come mostly from the Hospitality Tax.

Some residents have complained saying they want to see tax dollars being used for other projects on the island.

“I’d rather see more people to enforce the rules and regulations that are already in place here before we start spending tax dollars,” Sullivan’s Island resident Wells Whaley said.

But Benke said the town has restrictions on what officials can purchase with Hospitality Tax funds.

“Access to the beach is needed,” Benke said. “There are limitations, statutory limitations, on how this money can be spent.”

Benke said he is planning for crews to finish the replacements by Memorial Day.

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