Mount Pleasant town council to hold special meeting to discuss comprehensive plan

VIDEO: Mount Pleasant town council to hold special meeting to discuss comprehensive plan

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) -On Tuesday, Mount Pleasant will hold a special town council meeting to discuss the Comprehensive Plan.

After nearly two years of planning and public input, the Planning Commission is recommending its first draft for town council to review.

The meeting will take place at 1 p.m. in the Committee Meeting Room on the third floor.

The town's website says a comprehensive plan is a guide for decision making. It is created by studying the existing conditions of the town and serves as road map for planning and development of the town.

A comprehensive plan is completed every 10 years.

It addresses population, housing, economic development, community facilities, natural resources, cultural resources, land use, transportation and priority investments.

Traffic is one the biggest concerns for people who live in Mount Pleasant.

“Traffic flow has got to improve and basically timing of these lights and everything." Mount Pleasant resident, Will Roberts said.

The study has ideas for creating park and ride locations, improving transit and creating pedestrian and bike friendly paths.

There’s also plans to improve and create recreational green spaces and to create multiple new mix-use hubs that include housing, commercial and community activity uses.

Mount Pleasant Town Council to hold special meeting to discuss comprehensive plan

Ashley Larrimore, who works in Mount Pleasant, supports this development.

“I think it would be really beneficial to the town’s economy and really boost things and bring more people in,” Larrimore said.

However, people with the Save Shem Creek Corporation say the urbanization of Mount Pleasant is a concern and they’d like to see more density and height restrictions. They believe the infrastructure can’t support this type of growth.

The plan also addresses housing diversity and affordability issues and looks to build a cultural center to preserve the town’s history and provide protections for historic areas.

The Mayor of Mount Pleasant says it will be a long open process as they finalize the plans.

They are taking public feedback into consideration.

There will be a public hearing at a later time, the town has not set a date yet.

Changes are expected to be made before it receives final approval, which is expected in the fall.

You can view the draft of the Comprehensive plan here.

At the meeting on Tuesday there will be time where people can make public comments at the beginning.

Town council will also identify issues for future discussion.

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