Dorchester Co. council votes to abolish Ashley River Fire District

VIDEO: Dorchester Co. council votes to abolish Ashley River Fire District

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The third and final reading of an ordinance to dissolve the special tax district known as the Ashley River Fire District was held Monday night.

The ordinance passed unanimously.

Current plans would call for the North Charleston fire department to serve the district if the ordinance passes.

The Ashley River Fire Department says the county did not alert them of their intent to dissolve it.

“That they would take something like this fire department away from us is very disconcerting and that they would ignore what we have accomplished here, this group has been here for 40 years,” said Jack Furr who lives in district.

The district was created in 1979 when there was no fire services near the area. The county says this is no longer the case.

“We would get better service, there would be no tax increase, people would not see a mileage increase in their taxes and they would have the City of North Charleston,” said Larry Hargett, a councilman for District 4. . “Plus the big benefit to the county is we have a need to have better EMS service in that area.”

County officials say an increased presence by Dorchester County EMS is a positive because it means the county will not have to build another EMS station to provide service to the growing district.

The dissolution of the ARSTD benefits the residents of the District and the County because: Upon dissolution of the department, all property at the district will become County property

After the consolidation there will be three paid fire departments in Dorchester County, which will allow for easier cooperation in training and service provision which makes our citizens safer.

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