N. Charleston teacher accused of forcing 4-year-old to clean up urine after wetting himself

VIDEO: N. Charleston teacher accused of forcing 4-year-old to clean up urine after wetting himself

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston County School District says a staff member is on administrative leave after an incident involving a student at Burns Elementary School earlier this month.

The mother, Daja Colton-Sexton, says her 4-year-old was forced to clean up his urine with chemicals and a broom after he wet his pants. The family says the incident happened on April 4.

“She had my son put some type of solution on the floor to soak up the pee and persuaded him to sweep the pee into the dust pan,” Colton-Sexton said. “There had been several teachers walking the hallways that saw what my son was doing.”

They say on Tuesday they were able to watch video of the incident at the school that was captured on a hallway camera. Live 5 News requested that video from the district but they say they are not able to share videos involving students.

“Several teachers walked by several," Colton-Sexton said. "Everyone was laughing, bending over laughing at him pointing by and she’s letting them know what happened it’s like she was bullying my son.”

The family says they first learned details about the incident after the 4-year-old’s cousin, who also attends the school, just so happened to be in the hallway after the child wet his pants and saw him cleaning up. They say they saw her on the video.

The family would like the adults who did not intervene to be punished.

“My grandson literally stood there and adults was taunting him,” the child’s grandmother, Shirley Odessa Colton Lane said.

Colton-Sexton says her child began wetting his pants after a leprechaun was at the school for the St. Patricks Day holiday. She says he was scared of it and thought it was hiding in the bathroom.

She says when she picked her son up from school that day he was still in his wet clothes. She says the school did not notify her.

“I had to strip my son naked and put my sweater on him because he ran through all of his clothes,” Colton Sexton said.

The student has been placed in another classroom.

The district released the following statement:

“The District is aware of the incident in the hallway at Edmund A. Burns Elementary School that occurred earlier this month. As soon as District administrators were notified about the situation, the staff member involved in the matter was placed on administrative leave. The incident has been reviewed thoroughly and will be handled per District protocol.”

The attorney for the family, Jerod Frazier, released the following statement:

"Today my client watched a video that broke her heart and enraged her soul. She would have never imagined the events she watched, especially not at school and especially not by a teacher. While we are encouraged by the teacher’s suspension it is not enough for the pain she has inflicted on this family. We will exhaust all legal options to bring justice to this sweet child."

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