Bee swarms near your home? Here’s what to do

Bee swarms near your home? Here’s what to do

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Spring time in our area means you’ll be seeing blooming blossoms and -- bees. It’s peak honeybee season right now, so bee swarms showing up around your home is not uncommon.

If you’re wondering, 'What is a bee swarm? How am I supposed to get it away from my home?’ - we got answers from a North Carolina Master Beekeeper.

“People are scared of bees and rightfully so, they are stinging insects,” said Bryan Fischer, a fourth generation NC Master Beekeeper.

Fischer isn’t too concerned about stings. (Check out the video of him grabbing a handful of a hive below.)

“The first time I opened a bee hive 15 years ago I was just captivated by what was going on in that hive,” said Fischer.

Fischer says what goes on in there just before spring is a whole lot of baby-making, so the hive gets crowded.

“This could be upwards of 20-30,000 bees,” said Fischer.

When the bee colonies grow too big they have to start flying around to search for a new location to live. But what happens if the location they choose is in your home?

“That cavity could be the side of your house or a tree, old tire, anything like that,” said Fischer. “The absolutely worst thing you can do is spray the bees.”

Fischer says to get inside your home the bees just need to find a hole about the size of a pencil.

So if you find any close by, call a beekeeper because if their hive isn’t removed correctly it can cause some problems.

“The honey can ooze down, drip out of your walls, it will attract ants and roaches and the protein will attract mice,” said Fischer.

On Your Side information you will be glad to hear is, depending on the specifics of your situation, many bee keepers will come out and remove your bees for free.

Here are some groups in our area that can help:

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