Presidential candidate Seth Moulton meets with supporters in the Lowcountry

Presidential candidate Seth Moulton meets with supporters in the Lowcountry

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Presidential candidate Seth Moulton was in the Lowcountry meeting with supporters and potential voters.

He made a stop at the Isle of Palms VFW to thank veterans for their service and then walked along the water doing a beach clean up project and shaking hands with beach goers.

The Democratic Massachusetts Congressman announced his candidacy on Monday and then immediately launched his campaign efforts with several stops in New Hampshire before heading to the Palmetto State.

He says he will be doing some sort of service project in all of the early-voting states in the upcoming week. In his visit to Isle of Palms he chose a beach clean up where several people showed up to not only help clean the beach but get time to speak with him one-on-one.

“This will be about service and patriotism,” Moulton says. “I’m applying for a job in public service, so I’m campaigning and focusing on that.”

Moulton is one of about two dozen Democratic candidates who have announced their run for presidency in the past few months and one of almost a dozen campaigners who have visited Charleston.

He says South Carolinians should vote for him because he understands that it’s time for a big change in the Oval Office.

“United behind a common mission, that’s what we need in this time in a president during this incredibly divisive time,” Moulton says.

The candidate says he feels he is ready to lead the country in a way it hasn’t been led in several years.

“I’m taking on Donald Trump on security issues. I think this is where he is weakest. He has ruined our authority around the globe and abandoned our allies,” Moulton says.

He says he knows it is early in the race but is excited to have his feet on the ground running already the week of his 2020 announcement.

Moulton is travelling to Nevada and Iowa after leaving South Carolina but he says he will be returning to the Lowcountry again soon for more opportunities to meet voters.

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