Report: Clemson University ranked safest college in South Carolina

Report: Clemson University ranked safest college in South Carolina
Clemson University

CLEMSON, SC (WMBF) – Campus safety has become a rising issue with the #MeToo movement and the increase in gun violence.

It has sparked discussions among colleges and universities on what leaders can do to promote safety on campus.

Safety experts with Your Local Security released their third annual report on the safest college campus in the nation and in each state.

They looked at public, private and non-profit colleges that offer two- and four-year degrees and have at least 5,000 students. A total of 453 schools met the criteria and they considered four main factors to determine campus safety: hate crimes per enrolled students, violence against women per enrolled females, property crime per population and violent crime per population.

Your Local Security ranked Clemson University as the safest college in South Carolina.

Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio took the top spot as the safest college in the nation. The report said that Lakeland’s campus police force works closely with the city police, creating a cohesive security team that operates in lockstep rather than as two separate divisions.

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