Name of town official accused of being rude at Mt. Pleasant school hidden in police report

VIDEO: Name of town official accused of being rude at Mt. Pleasant school hidden in police report

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The name of a Mount Pleasant town official who allegedly was rude to administrators at a public school was hidden in a police report.

According to the October 18, 2018, incident report, which Live 5 News obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, there was a disturbance between two students during seventh period.

One of the students involved apparently is the daughter of the town official.

The report states the next day when he went to the school, the unnamed official was “rude” and “belligerent” and said he “would go through the doors” to protect his daughter.

He also allegedly demanded to speak to someone, stating he wasn't leaving until he did.

According to the report, the official was told if he tried to enter the school without going through the proper channels he could “possibly end up in legal trouble.”

Live 5 News learned an attorney for the alleged victim in the incident threatened to sue the town if the report was released to the media.

In a letter dated April 26, the attorney threatens that “the town and individuals involved will be subject to civil liability” if the report was released.

In am email to Live 5 News, Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie supported releasing the document.

“I am not willing to bow to threats by outside lawyers representing anonymous clients, attempting to suppress information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act about an incident involving an adult in a public school in our community that was serious enough that it necessitated the generation of a police report by our own police department,” Haynie wrote.

Live 5 News has reached out to the unnamed town official for a response but he has not responded.

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