Salisbury boy saves little sister from burning home

Salisbury boy saves little sister from burning home
Boy honored for saving sister from fire (Source: WBTV)

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A young boy in Salisbury is being called a hero tonight for saving his little sister’s life after their home caught on fire. Today, a special surprise was planned to celebrate 11-year-old Jayden Hampton for his bravery.

“Even though that your siblings get on your nerves, be there for them,” said Jayden. Jayden has two little sisters. His mom Samantha Gallimore says he’s the best big brother.

“He is the most caring little boy ever. He has the biggest heart ever and I’m so proud of him,” said Gallimore, proud of what Jayden did to save his sister on a cold February night when flames consumed their home.

Grandparents, parents and kids all lived in the house and were asleep the night it caught on fire. Jayden was one of the people sleeping inside when he woke up to the smell of smoke. He knew he had to get out but he also knew his little sister was inside and he had to do something to help her.

“When momma screamed ‘wake up’ and I could hear the roaring loud it kind of said something in my mind that there was a fire,” said Jayden.

Jayden rushed to get up, then saw his little sister still asleep.

"I was feeling scared," said Jayden. "I was like, well I gotta get her out."

Jayden carried her out of bed and outside to safety. He credits lessons learned about fire safety from local firefighters.

"Jayden actually was putting it into practice and it actually we got to see the end result where he saved his sisters life," said Alana Denton, who came to the event honoring Jayden on behalf of State Fire Marshal's office.

As daylight broke and the home's damage was revealed, Jayden knew it was a school day and it was time for him to get there.

"You just went through a tragedy in your life and you want to come to school?" said Ryan Disseler, Jayden's principal.

Disseler picked Jayden up for school that day and he’s been here every day since.

Today there was a special assembly at school and Jayden had no idea it was to honor him.

"We were able to surprise him in a way that he really deserved to get recognized. Any student with that kind of heroics really deserves to get recognized," said Disseler.

Jayden was made an honorary firefighter with the Locke Fire Department and given various awards for his bravery. After the assembly, Jayden was asked what he wanted to do next. His answer? Go back to school. Jayden says he wants to be a heart doctor when he grows up.

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