Folly Beach to spend more than $110k to remove abandoned boats in waterways

VIDEO: Folly Beach could spend up to $500k to remove abandoned boats in waterways

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Folly Beach is working on a project to remove more than a dozen abandoned boats from the city’s waterways.

City council awarded the contract to Mainstream, which bid the project at just more than $110,000. The most expensive one is just under half a million. The company will remove 14 abandoned boats and one large piece of marine debris from the city’s waterways,, according to Andrew Gilreath, the chief of the Folly Beach public safety department.

“We noticed that with the storms, boats that were moored or moored improperly were moving around and creating a danger, not only to themselves but everything surrounding them,” Gilreath said. “That kind of started the discussion, what’s safe for us, our harbor, our neighbors, our folks that own property on the water.”

In response, the city started the push for this project and asked for bids from contracting companies.

“Once that selection is made, we are trying to get things done before the next storm season,” Gilreath said. “So, hopefully things will be wrapped up by September so we don’t get the same issue.”

The overall problem of having to clean up abandoned boats is not unique to Folly. The City of Charleston just recently approved a grant for around $50,000 to remove five abandoned boats from its waterways. That work will also be done over the next few months.

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