CCSD teachers report low morale in latest teacher survey

CCSD teachers report low morale in latest teacher survey

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A new report released by the Charleston Teacher Alliance gives a glimpse into what teachers working in the Charleston County School District feel about the atmosphere of their school.

600 teachers took the Charleston Teacher Alliance, or CTA, survey. A district spokesperson said there are roughly 3,500 teachers and teacher assistants employed by the district.

In the CTA’s 2019 Issues Report, only about 30 percent of teachers said morale is improving across the district. About 44 percent of the teachers who took the survey said they disagreed that morale is improving.

“Low morale remains a challenging issue for teachers,” CTA Director Jody Stallings said. “Some of the problems can be traced to statewide concerns like salary and benefits. But for many teachers, the problems are much closer to home. When teachers are not supported by their principals and parents, they feel discouraged and alone.”

Principal leadership, class size, and lack of support for student behavior issues were the top reasons for reporting the low morale.

“The superintendent and key staff members maintain that a critical task going forward will be supporting teachers who are struggling with discipline in the classroom,” the CTA report said. “The superintendent says she will examine the results of the CTA’s Leadership Survey closely and use them to help inform decisions regarding school administrative leadership.”

Teachers said in the survey that policies to reduce class size and removing disruptive students from the classroom would be beneficial.

“Our surveys over the last two years have underscored a number of fixable obstacles that teachers are facing in the classroom,” Stallings said. “The superintendent has been very proactive in working with teachers to address these issues and we anticipate several improvements.”

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