Charleston County school bus fight victim continues recovery two weeks later

Published: May. 15, 2019 at 7:23 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A mother is worried about the recovery of her daughter, who went to the hospital after she was involved in a fight on a Charleston County school bus.

On April 30, Charleston Police said in a report that a girl was assaulted while she was on a school bus riding home from Burke High School.

Police estimate about six to eight girls were involved in the fight.

“That just hurts me every time I see the video or talk about it,” the girl’s mother Shamara Ancrum said. “It hurts me to see something happen to my child like that.”

Ancrum said she took her daughter to the hospital after she got home.

“After a few hours started going by, I saw her eyes going back and was like okay, what’s wrong,” Ancrum said. “She was like, I need to go to the hospital. She said, ‘I’m about to pass out.’”

Medical records from the hospital show doctors diagnosed her daughter with several injuries, including a concussion.

Ancrum said her daughter is still recovering from her injuries and cannot be exposed to light right now.

Medical records Ancrum has also show her daughter is scheduled for several follow-up medical appointments.

“Really, she can’t sleep at night," Ancrum said. "She’ll be up all night, she has anxiety, she’s suffering depression. Basically, she’s not doing anything.”

After the bus fight, a spokesperson from the Charleston County School District said they were aware the fight happened and taking necessary action.

“We notified law enforcement, and we will thoroughly investigate this matter," District Spokesperson Andy Pruitt said. "The behavior and actions of several students in the video violate the District’s disciplinary code and appropriate action will be taken according to District protocol.”

Ancrum said she has not taken legal action against the school district.

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