Father pushes for stronger laws after son dies in motorcycle accident

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 6:11 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A man is advocating for stronger legislation to hold drivers more accountable if they are involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.

T.L. Hall’s son, Michael, died on December 24, 2016 when a car hit him on Highway 165 in Summerville.

“Christmas Eve, we can no longer--we don’t even put up a Christmas tree," Hall said. "It’s just a sad reminder.”

Michael was driving a motorcycle and did not contribute to the accident at all, according to the crash report.

The judge charged the driver of the car with failure to yield and gave him a $155 fine.

“I’ve spent more than that on junk, just needless things,” Hall said.

Hall said he is frustrated because he believes the punishment should have been much worse, but South Carolina laws prevented more severe action.

Now, Hall is working with state legislators to pass new, tighter laws surrounding consequences of fatal motorcycle accidents.

One bill, H.3176, would require people involved in a fatal accident to submit for drug and alcohol testing.

Two other bills, H.3788 and S.106, would place much harsher punishments on anyone determined to be at fault in a fatal motorcycle accident.

“It would give closure to families,” Hall said about the bills passing. “It would give a sense of justice when a life is taken needlessly.”

Hall said he plans to fight for legislative change to honor his son.

“The way I see it right now, my son passed away for no reason,” Hall said. “This would give my son’s death purpose.”

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