Police respond to more than 600 calls at Summerville apartment complex since 2018

VIDEO: Police respond to more than 600 calls at Summerville apartment complex since 2018

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A shooting at a Summerville apartment complex this week was one of more than 600 times police have been called there since the beginning of 2018.

Police say the high number of calls from the Gates at Summerville on Boone Hill Road are more than they expect to get.

Police provided us with a log of calls to the complex.

Since January 1, 2018, cops have been called there 656 times.

People who live at the complex had no idea.

“That’s crazy, they need to do something about the neighborhood,” Myrene Ross, who lives at the Gates of Summerville, said.

The latest call for police came on Wednesday night. A man was shot in the leg while walking to a dumpster at the complex. That shooting was one of three reported at the Gates at Summerville since the beginning of last year.

People who live there are concerned.

“Yeah a little bit especially because I got kids you know, and it’s kind of something you don’t want to live around, you know,” Chris Cook said.

Many of the other calls from the complex have been for drug activity.

According to the logs, for a while, the management hired officers to work off-duty security.

“We got cops that live here,” resident Tony Brown said.

“That’s what I’m surprised about, we have two different, North Charleston and Summerville that live back there,” Ross said.

Summerville police spokesman Lt Shaun Tumbleston said new management recently took over at the complex.

He said they are working with officers to make sure people who live here are safe.

Gates at Summerville management have not yet responded to a request for a comment.

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