Hundreds rally to protest abortion restrictions at SC State House

Hundreds rally to protest abortion restrictions at SC State House

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Melissa-Anne Cunningham-Sereque shared her story with a crowd protesting abortion restrictions.

“If people are not wanting the government to intrude in their lives, in their gun cabinets, their money or their businesses. They’re already inside of their bodies at this point,” she said.

She was diagnosed with a blood disorder when she was a teen. She says if she were to ever to get pregnant it could kill her. “Abortion was always a possibility if birth control wasn’t a hundred percent effective. It could’ve been a life-saving measure for me.”

Pro-choice activists and some lawmakers took part in the rally in Columbia. This was one of many rallies happening across the country on Tuesday.

Their message, stop the bans. So far this year, 8 states have passed some form of abortion restrictions.

Pro-life organizations say states are passing anti-abortion legislation in response to a new law in New York that protects abortion. Palmetto Family Council President, Joshua Putnam, said, “When you see these bills that were advanced and signed into law – just unthinkable circumstances- something I believe the majority of the nation would not support.”

Cunningham-Sereque said when you look at the big picture, abortion restrictions could cause more problems. “These laws actually hurt both genders, the entire population, economic development. If you think teachers are having it rough – the implications for education and our budget far exceed anything this could do.”

The House’s version of the ‘fetal heartbeat’ bill makes exceptions for rape, incest or in cases where the mother’s health is in danger.

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