Pet owners on Daniel Island on alert after discovery of poison rat pellets

VIDEO: Residents warned after rat poison found on Daniel Island

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - Pet owners on Daniel Island are on the alert after rat poison pellets were found in some neighborhoods.

So far, no deaths have been reported.

The Daniel Island Property Owners Association sent out a safety alert update on Monday to all homeowners.

It was a warning about the discovery of a rat poison called Ramik. It is a small green pellet.

The pellets have been found on several streets on the island.

Veterinarians at the Daniel Island hospital say they’ve gotten several calls from pet owners asking how to tell if their pet has been poisoned.

The symptoms include random coughing and swollen joints.

“If untreated, it definitely can kill so it’s a serious matter, we don’t take it lightly,” veterinary technician Aurora Lenk said.

Robert Siegmann says he found some pellets while walking his dog in the park near his home.

"I knew right away it wasn't supposed to be there and had suspicions that it was poison," Siegmann said. "It's very scary that dogs can ingest it, the kids could play with it."

Ron Silverman owns two dogs.

He thinks the pellets were put out on purpose.

"I think it's terrible. I just went on line and looked up the first aid to what you do if you or your dog came into contact with one of these pellets and it worried me," Silverman said.

"I don't know if somebody was trying to do something or somebody saw the rats themselves and were trying to keep them getting on to their own property," Siegmann said.

A spokesman for the property owners association said they'd like to know who put out the poisonous pellets and why.

Meanwhile the folks at the animal hospital suggest anyone on the island who suspects their pet might be poisoned to get help.

"Don't hesitate. if you suspect it, better be safe," Lenk said.

Charleston Police say no pet owners have filed any reports with them regarding the poison pellets.

A spokesman said anyone who believes their pet is a victim to contact them.

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