In survey, families report issues with military housing at Joint Base Charleston

VIDEO: Families report issues with military housing at Joint Base Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A detailed survey from a military family advocacy group released Wednesday showed discontent among families living in military housing nationwide including some at Joint Base Charleston

The survey from the Military Family Advisory Network included responses from more than 15,000 families in 46 states living on 158 different bases.

“They can treat us and maintain the housing however they want without consequences because there’s no oversight," one Joint Base Charleston resident said anonymously in the survey. "Repairs might be done right, or it can be a temporary cover up. The quality of the housing is shoddy and does not meet my standards to give up my entire BAH (Basic allowance for housing).”

According to the survey, there were 50 total responses from families at Joint Base Charleston which gave an average satisfaction rate of 1.98 on a five point scale. The mean response of all bases totaled 2.44.

The survey also stated that of the Joint Base Charleston respondents, 52 percent spoke of maintenance, repairs or remediation, 36 percent mentioned mold while 34 percent mentioned filth in homes.

Of all respondents across all bases, 19.93% described their experience in military housing as “very negative” while another 35.36% called it “negative."

Joint Base Charleston uses Hunt Military Companies to manage its housing needs. 18 percent of total respondents lived in housing managed by Hunt, which received an average score of 2.34 out of 5.

Other families were quoted as having issues with Hunt at other bases as well.

“Megan ( a military member’s wife) is still sick and Hunt refuses to hire a state licensed company to remediate the mold properly,” said the Konzen family who lives on Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas. "Her last trip to the ER was February 1st, when she was diagnosed with yet another respiratory issue “We can’t afford to move off base and Command told us they don’t have any control over Hunt. We are stuck.”

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