Berkeley County homeowners suffering through reoccurring outages

Berkeley County homeowners suffering through reoccurring outages

BERKELEY COUNTY , S.C. (WCSC) - Over four thousand Berkeley County homeowners are suffering through reoccurring power outages over the long Memorial Day weekend.

Berkeley Electric says in a Facebook post the loss of power is due to a blown transformer at the “Strawberry Substation."

Foxbank Plantation, Pimlico, and Strawberry homeowners have lost power three times in two days and many say they’re expecting it to happen again.

“We know based on past experiences and assume it will happen again today and were sitting here biding our time,” Charles Tollison, a Foxbank homeowner says.

These outages come during a week of triple digit heat taking over the Lowcountry.

Many neighbors say they want to beat the heat by staying inside. But with their power out, they can’t be home.

“It’s been uncomfortable for us,” said Bill Hunter, the Foxbank Lakeside Committee member.

Berkeley Electric said the outage on Friday was due to a blown transformer.

Neighbors say they were told the transformer blew due to the record-breaking heat. Tollison says if the southern summer heat is going to blow a transformer three times in two days, then Berkeley County homeowners are in for a long summer.

“I don’t know why it happened Friday. Happened twice Friday, and then it happened again Saturday,” Tollison says.

Hunter says he’s glad the outages were handled relatively quickly, but he wishes Berkeley Electric would be more transparent with their customers through more ways than social media.

“I think they probably handle it as well as they could handle it, but you didn’t know why it’s not running,” Hunter says.

Tollison says he agrees there needs to be an email, phone call, or even a 24/7 manned customer service line.

“My problem isn’t that it happens,” Tollison says. “My problem is there’s nobody to talk to customers to explain what’s going on.”

Live 5 News did reach out to Berkeley Electric for a statement on the reoccurring outages but have not received a reply.

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