Police: Teen charged after high school fight

VIDEO: Police: Teen charged after high school fight

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - One teen is facing charges after a fight Tuesday afternoon at Fort Dorchester High School.

Anthony Clark, 17, has been charged with third degree assault.

According to the incident report, an officer saw two teens including Clark run up to the victim and begin hitting him in the face and body at approximately 12:55 p.m. The officer then yelled for the pair to stop and broke up the fight, but the two suspects ran down the hall.

The officer then got in his patrol car and went after Clark and the second suspect. The officer eventually tracked them down in a 2000 Saturn SW2.

Clark was taken out of the car and arrested, the second suspect was released with a trespass notice.

The mother of the victim told the officer she did want to prosecute the suspects. The victim saw the school nurse for "swelling, according to the incident report.

District spokesperson Pat Raynor said two students from a different school and school district came onto the campus and got into a fight with a Fort Dorchester student.

According to the incident report, video showed the suspects coming in a side door to avoid getting caught.

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