New guidelines aim to crack down on what happens inside Charleston parking garages

New guidelines aim to crack down on what happens inside Charleston parking garages

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Charleston City Council could approve new rules for the city’s parking garages.

As it stands, there are no official city rules that dictate what can and can’t happen inside of a city garage.

City council members will hear a proposed ordinance on Tuesday evening that would enact those new parking garage rules.

There’s over a dozen proposed rules listed on the ordinance. Those rules vary from no golf carts and trailers to no sitting, standing, or kneeling on walls, stairs or railings in the garage.

The ordinance also states that no one can have parties, raves, or other small gatherings inside the garage. It also goes on to say that no one can disturb employees of the garage or use threatening language or create unreasonable noise.

“What this ordinance is an adoption of or codification of the rules of the parking garage, so it’ll allow our police officers to issue citations for violation of parking garage rules,” Janey Boarden, the Assistant Corporation Council for the City of Charleston said.

Boarden said this ordinance would add teeth to the rule sign that is already placed in parking garages and would lead to the issuing of a citation if not followed.

“I think one issue that will help address is that it doesn’t automatically require that we put somebody on trespass notice for violating a rule and the parking garage,” Boarden said. “It would in fact allow us to issue a citation but would allow the person to continue to use that property.”

Boarden said this would also help the city decide what can and can’t take place in the garage.

“We have had requests in the past for the rental of say the top for a gathering a social gathering for example like the fireworks, or a special event. And so, this would prohibit that from occurring,” Boarden said.

The ordinance, if approved Tuesday evening, would have to be approved by council two additional times.

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