IAAM unveils plans for African Ancestral Memorial Garden

VIDEO: IAAM unveils plans for African Ancestral Memorial Garden

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The International African American Museum at Gadsden’s Wharf is set to open its doors in 2021.

On Friday, museum officials revealed the latest update for the project.

The update includes designs for an African Ancestral Memorial Garden next to the Charleston Maritime Center.

The outdoor park will focus on the historic importance of the grounds where the museum will be built.

Thousands of enslaved Africans died en route to the Lowcountry. There will be no admission for The outdoor area. The architect, Walter Hood, says it will be a place for the public to reflect before going inside of the museum.

The designs include full body outlines of enslaved Africans.

The museums CEO says the powerful and emotional images set the tone for what’s “We know that here on this site that about 800 endlaved Africans froze to death in December of 1807 and were thrown in mass graves or thrown in the river. So you know it’s just powerful, the space and we want to tell these stories. We’re creating an experience that ultimately will be uplifting, that will talk about perseverance and strength,” said Michael B. Moore.

The memorial garden is one of many projects in the Charleston area that hopes to preserve African burial sites.

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