City of Goose Creek to sell public park, move playground equipment

VIDEO: City of Goose Creek to sell public park, move playground equipment

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCSC) - Shannon Park is one of 14 public parks in the city of Goose Creek.

On Tuesday, City council will vote on an ordinance to sell the park.

The park will be sold and made into a commercial area. However, the park isn't gone for good. It's moving across the street.

The city bought new playground equipment for Shannon park four years ago. Now, all of that equipment will be moved to Eubanks Park which is a part of the Casey center.

The city’s cure t mayor has had plans to revitalize at the Casey center, which isn’t in use right now. He wants that to be a place of economic opportunity where the community can come and enjoy a number of different activities. Mayor Greg Habib says they plan to demolish the building and redevelop the entire property to include a park.

"We're not going to be losing a playground. We're going to take all of that and move it across the street. We're also going to take all of the funds that we get from the sale of that property and reinvest it into that playground. into that park and playground,” said Mayor Habib.

That would make the a park walkable to surrounding neighborhoods, and the future commercial center. This would also make the playground more accessible to more people. Mayor habib says he’s dedicated to creating more green space that people can enjoy.

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