14-year-old S.C. girl reportedly ‘zapped’ in arm by lightning

VIDEO: 14-year-old S.C. girl reportedly 'zapped' in arm by lightning

AIKEN COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - Janell Wade says the sky lit up last night.

“Everything was popping. Lightning was popping everywhere last night,” Janell Wade said.

It was pitch black on Horse Creek Road. Storms took out power in the neighborhood. The only light was bolts clashing in the sky.

“It was popping like fire,” Wade said. “Everything just popped and the lights went off. You could just see the lightning just striking.”

One of those bolts made its way to 14-year-old Ah’laya Scriven.

Aiken County dispatchers say a 911 call came in from Horse Creek Drive just before 8 p.m. on Saturday, reporting a young girl was hit by a bolt. Dispatch sent EMS to the scene to check it out. Crews found Scriven at her home.

“She couldn’t feel her fingers,” Wade said. “She was on the phone and lightning had struck her.”

Wade says she rushed over when she heard the sound of sirens coming from across the street.

The teen says she was in her bedroom when she reached for her phone, saw a lightning bolt near her window and felt electricity zap through her arm.

She was very scared," Wade said. “She was shaking and trembling a lot. She couldn’t feel her fingers anymore and I guess she just threw the phone because she was in the dark when it all happened. Lightning was really out here and rain was just coming down. It was everywhere.”

EMS rushed Ah’laya to the hospital where she stayed through the night. Scriven’s mom says doctors told them due to the exit wound, they believe it was a lightning bolt that struck her daughter.

The odds of getting struck by lightning in any year in the U.S. are one in 700,000. About 10% of victims are killed 70% suffer serious long-term effects. This teen is lucky to be alive.

“We love her and we hope she is okay,” Miyuanna Martin and Mckienze Glanton, Scriven’s friends, said.

The teen is expected to make a full recovery. Her friends say they’re glad she is one of the lucky ones.

“We’re going to make her a card when she gets back,” the friends said. “It’s going to say that we hope she feels better.”

Scriven is expected to fully recover.

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