Activist hands out gun locks in neighborhood where 6-year-old was killed

VIDEO: Activist hands out free gun locks in neighborhood where 6-year-old died in fatal shooting

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - An activist passed out gun locks and literature Tuesday night in the North Charleston neighborhood where a 6-year-old was killed in what police have called an accidental shooting.

The “Put Down the Guns Now Young People” organization tackles the issue of gun violence.

“This organization is about preventing our children and teens from participating in gun violence," the group’s Facebook page reads. “We host job fairs. We do a lot of grassroots campaigns in the entire United States, handing out free gun locks to prevent a child from harming themselves with a gun. We hand out literature to educate children and teens to stay in school.”

Jack Logan, the founder of the group, went to Ranger Drive where a 6-year-old girl was killed in a shooting in North Charleston on Monday afternoon.

North Charleston police say they’re investigating the incident as an accidental shooting. According to an incident report, a 12-year-old boy is considered a “suspect” in the girl’s death.

The incident happened in a home where up to four children were left unattended, according to North Charleston spokesperson Spencer Pryor.

On Ranger Drive there have been five shootings since 2015. Two of those shootings were deadly.

Logan says handing out gun locks is part of a national effort to promote firearm safety. He believes this incident could have been prevented if the gun was locked.

“I hope that these gun locks will achieve that another child will not be hurt here in the city of North Charleston or anywhere else. We must lock our guns up,” Logan said.

In a neighborhood that has experienced several shootings, some neighbors say violence doesn’t define this neighborhood or the people in it.

“This could happen in any neighborhood," North Charleston resident Chris Miller said. "It could have been a rich neighborhood, poor neighborhood, violent community, non violent community.”

Regardless, residents in that neighborhood still believe gun education is something crucial to stopping the violence.

Logan says within the last three months, at least three children under the age of 9 have been shot and killed in South Carolina.

In April, a 7-year-old was shot and killed as his mother fled a domestic dispute.

North Charleston police say no charges have been filed in this case.

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