North Charleston takes homeowners to court over lawns, junked yards

VIDEO: North Charleston takes homeowners to court over lawns, junked yards

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - The City of North Charleston is cracking down on homeowners with overgrown lawns and junked cars on their properties.

Two property owners are being taken to court. The homes are located on Nightingale Road near Dorchester Road and are owned by one family.

One is owned by Henry Zwick, and the other by the late Helen Zwick Griffin.

The City of North Charleston filed paperwork with the clerk of court on June 10. In the court papers, the city said after code enforcement officers inspected the properties, they determined each is “a public nuisance.”

“It looks bad, it looks bad,” a neighbor who lives across the street, who asked to be identified only as Keith, said.

According to City of North Charleston spokesman Ryan Johnson, Griffin's granddaughter claims she lives in Henry Zwick's home.

Johnson says the city has tried to work with her. He says she claims she is going to correct the violations.

Johnson says code enforcement officers determined the yard needs to be cleaned and that there are two non-working cars on the property.

He says Helen Griffin's house next door needs to be boarded, and the yard needs to be cleaned and maintained.

Another neighbor with the first name Keith, Keith Sexton, has lived on Nightingale Road for more than 30 years. Sexton says he knows the family.

"The father was on the roof and fell off the roof, got paralyzed. The daughter is trying to take care of all of this herself, so there's a problem with that," Sexton said Wednesday.

Sexton says he feels for the family and has tried to help them out.

"She's trying to do the best. I'm trying to help her too, so I was gonna board up the house right there for her," he said.

Johnson says the city's Public Safety and Housing Committee most likely will give the owners 30 days to clean up the properties.

Otherwise the city will do it and force the owners to pay for it.

A hearing is scheduled for June 25.

Attempts to contact family members for comment have not yet been successful.

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