Woman robbed, run over by someone she met on buying-and-selling app

Woman robbed, run over by someone she met on buying-and-selling app
Victoria Pack was dragged 50 feet in a car after being scammed by someone she was trying to buy a phone from Friday in Madisonville. (Source: Victoria Pack)

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - A Windchester, Ohio woman was robbed and run over by a car Friday in Madisonville after trying to buy a phone from someone she met online.

Victoria Pack traveled 50 miles to buy a discounted iPhone X advertised on the buying-and-selling app “letgo," only to be scammed and injured, Pack tells FOX19.

Pack said she met someone in a car in a parking lot near Seven Hills School in Madisonville for the exchange. After handing the driver $650, he grabbed the phone from her hands.

“Out of instinct, I reach in the car to get the money,” Pack said.

He proceeded to drag her more than 50 feet, then dropped her when the passenger objected and ran over her right leg.

Pack sustained road-rash burn injuries behind her leg and bruises on her arm.

Cincinnati Police advise people using apps like letgo to always meet in a public place with a camera while carrying out online transactions.

They also recommend using Facebook live to record the transaction to have an image of a potential scammer.

“And if you get ripped off, you have the video image of who ripped you off,” CPD Sgt. Eric Franz said.

She said this was her first time using the letgo app and after her experience, and has no plans on revisiting the site.

“Luckily, I didn’t break anything,” Pack said. “I’m just bruised up and got some road rash, but thank god I’m still alive.”

Pack said the profile of the man on the letgo app is still online.

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