Newberry County Sheriff’s Office issues warning about telephone scam

Newberry County Sheriff’s Office issues warning about telephone scam
Newberry County Sheriff's Office

NEWBERRY COUNTY, S.C. (WIS) - Newberry County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning regarding a continued telephone scam involving information about grandchildren.

Officials say that a scam caller makes contact with their mark in a muffled voice saying it is their grandchild. There are various scenarios, but the alleged grandchild will respond by saying they are in serious trouble such as being in jail for a DUI or being held in a foreign country.

The alleged grandchild will ask that their parents not be notified and demand for their grandparents’ help. They will either demand money in the form of gift cards or Western Union money orders. They will even describe the nearest store to obtain the gift card or money order.

Once the money is transmitted or the code on the cards are given the money is gone. These scams are coming mostly from persons outside of the country.

Sheriff Foster says that the scammers are very skilled at shocking the victim then getting information out of them to make them believe it is truly their grandchild. If this should happen to you or a loved one, do not send money. Hang up and call your local law enforcement to verify if the call is real.

If you have senior citizens in your family, Newberry County Sheriff’s Office asks that you share this information to prevent the spread of these scams. According to officials, most of the scam calls are coming from outside the country and are very difficult to track and many of the countries of origin are not friendly to the USA.

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