Crews begin removing abandoned boats on Folly Beach in $100k project

VIDEO: Crews begin removing abandoned boats on Folly Beach in $100k project

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - More than a dozen abandoned boats are in Folly Beach's waterways, and the city's project to remove them is now underway.

On Monday, crews started removing 14 boats and one large piece of marine debris out of the water. The $110,000 project is expected to take two months with some removals being as easy as towing a boat to shore, while others will require a lot more time and need more equipment.

“We noticed that with the storms, boats that were moored or moored improperly were moving around and creating a danger, not only to themselves but everything surrounding them,” Andrew Gilreath, the chief of the Folly Beach public safety department, said. “That kind of started the discussion, what’s safe for us, our harbor, our neighbors, our folks that own property on the water.”

That’s why earlier this year the city approved to move forward with this project. Last month, the contract for the work was awarded to Mainstream. City officials expect the work to be done by mid-August.

The City of Charleston is also set to remove five abandoned boats in its waterways costing a total of $50,000. That work will also be done over the next few months.

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