Georgetown child care director claims son stole from business

VIDEO: Georgetown child care director claim son stole from business

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A Georgetown County woman says the bookkeeper in charge of her child care center finances was paying himself thousands of dollars for a salary she never approved.

The lawsuit says the director’s son was supposed to be paid $1,000 a month as a part-time job to help manage the finances and tax filings for The Sawgrass School, a child development center on Pawley’s Island.

Mother and son both owned a membership interest in the business, said documents filed in court, but it claims the son started refusing to share financial documents and even changed passwords so his mom couldn’t access payroll records.

Now the Director, Carol Tait, has filed a lawsuit claiming she found out her son paid himself a $45,000 yearly salary “which is $33,000.00 per year more than what was previously agreed to.”

The suit also said the son, Richard Tait Tedrow, paid himself an unapproved $10,000 bonus, $20,000 bonus, reimbursements for office supplies and made unauthorized bank withdrawals on the business accounts.

Attorneys wrote that she discovered the extent of the misappropriations on Christmas last year. The lawsuit was filed last week.

The plaintiff requests a judge issue a temporary injunction to protect incoming profits. They are also asking for a jury trial.

Tait said she had no comment on the allegations because it was a private matter.

The Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office said there are “no criminal charges on file.”

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