CCSD charter school files lawsuit against school board

CCSD charter school files lawsuit against school board

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Prestige Preparatory Academy is suing the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees for a breach of contract.

Prestige Preparatory Academy is an all-boys charter school in North Charleston.

The lawsuit filed on Friday calls on the board to stop the revoking of the school’s charter. The charter was set to end on June 30.

The injunction and temporary restraining order calls for the CCSD school board to halt the school’s closure until a judge can hear the school out.

The lawsuit said that the charter met all of the standards and wants a judge to say if the district had good reason not to renew the charter.

“Prestige Preparatory Academy Charter School in line with the laws of this State should have had the same support as other public schools due to the nature of our racial demographics these young Black boys are being pushed out without a fair change,” the suit said.

Over the last year there has been a lot of back and forth decisions between the charter school and the district.

Last year, there was a chance Prestige would close its doors for good after failing to meet financial and academic goals.

The board voted to give the school another chance if Prestige got its attendance up, something CCSD board member Cindy Bohn-Coats said in January of 2019 that that hasn’t happened.

“Their own analysis says they need 85 students to break even roughly, they have 45 [students] as of yesterday,” Coats said in January. “Prestige has never been able to attract the level of student population.”

Coats also said in January that if the school doesn’t meet certain goals it wouldn’t be a district decision to close the school, but a state one.

The recently filed suit said the school met all the qualifying standards and there were unfair practices that put the school in this position.

The suit stated, “Prestige Preparatory Academy Charter School was never looked into properly,” it goes on to say, “There was fraud and unprofessional conduct on the part of the parties witch resulted in the abuse and loss of funds from the school.”

The suit includes data and an email sent from CCSD Superintendent Gerita Postelewait. The suit also said the school can meet qualifying standards and is in line with the laws of the state.

The suit also said there was action taken to sabotage the school’s efforts on the revoking of the charter would cause irreparable damage to the children.

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