Colleton County School Board approves measures to upgrade security in schools

Colleton County School Board approves measures to upgrade security in schools

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The Colleton County School Board voted on the largest security upgrade in the school district’s history.

The board met last week and approved a $450,000 security plan with funds allocated from their capital projects budget.

The plan will include upgrading school surveillance cameras, as well as installing new cameras.

“It’s going to really enhance our district's ability to do investigations when issues happen in our school,” said William Bowman Jr, a Colleton County school board member. “It's going to also create a measure where we're going to have more different angles, different camera views within all schools on all campuses in our district.”

The upgrades will give existing cameras higher quality video, as well as a zooming feature.

Bowman says those things will help the district identify faces when incidents occur.

As part of the security plan, the entrances to schools and other facilities will also be upgraded with entrance pads. Employees will able to scan their ID’s to get inside.

Bowman hopes the measures will create a sense of security for parents, students, and employees.

People who live in the county say these upgrades are a start, but the district also needs to step up.

“I think cameras are necessary, but again they haven’t utilized the ones they have already so it’s hard for you to tell me that you’re putting these extra measures in place," said J.D. Davis who lives in Colleton County.

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