Hall of Fame: Sisters raise money to help others through lemonade stand

Updated: Jul. 4, 2019 at 1:14 AM EDT
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SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCSC) - Two sisters in Summerville are learning about business at an early age and, at the same time, how to help others with the money they make.

Amaya Jefferson, 12; and her sister, Armani, 13; are learning those lessons with the help of the lemonade stand they started in their front yard just over a year ago.

These two girls have raised enough money to send at least $800 to MUSC hospital for sickle cell anemia research. They say they got the idea to help people with the disease because their little sister, Taylor, has it.

Amaya says it feels good to help others.

“We can donate to people like Taylor who have Sickle Cell or anything like that, we can just help them,” she says.

Older sister Armani says this isn’t the first time they have helped out.

“We donate to MUSC pretty often, to help with Sickle Cell research and we just had the Kids Entrepreneur Expo in April and we sent $500 to MUSC,” she says.

The girls’ mother, Desiree Hamilton, says she’s extremely proud of her daughters.

“They shock me every day, honestly! I’m like, what are you guys doing again?” she says.

So, because of what these two sisters are doing in donating money from their lemonade stand sales for sickle cell research, they are the newest members of the Live5 Hall of Fame.

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