High school student’s ‘Sober party’ a hit among Lowcountry teens

VIDEO: High school student’s ‘Sober party’ a hit among Lowcountry teens

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - A Wando High School student is using house parties to combat peer pressure.

More than 200 students from six area high schools flooded Dean Geraci’s Mount Pleasant home on Sunday with the sole purpose of having fun sober.

The 17-year-old said he wants to show high schoolers that it doesn’t take breaking the law to have fun.

“We were talking about how a lot of teenagers feel pressured into thinking they can only host a party if there’s alcohol, drugs,” Geraci said. “I’m just trying to hope to inspire more people to think, ‘Hey, I don’t have to have to be pressured to have a certain substance at my party in order for kids to come to my house and have fun.’”

Dean’s parents and his sister, Dru, even attended the event.

“I was expecting it to be maybe like, 100 people,” Dru said. “But there were so many people in my house, it was weird.”

Dean organized the event on his social media accounts. There, he also posts videos and commentaries on current issues facing teens.

He said he wants to empower students to have a positive voice.

“Why don’t I take my own turn on putting out content that will inspire 4000 kids at my school or whoever else that can see it to see things from a different point of view?” Dean said.

The high schooler received hundreds of comments and praises from students and parent’s like after the party.

Dean’s parents said they are proud of their son’s desire to change not just the parties his friends attend, but also his community as a whole.

“I Think It’s great," Angela Geraci said. “It’s a great way for him to communicate and get his message across and people can respond to him.”

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