First trailer for live-action ‘Mulan’ debuts during Women’s World Cup

(Gray News) - As long as it’s profitable, Walt Disney Pictures will continue to ride the wave of live-action remakes of its classic animated films.

The studio released the first trailer for its remake of “Mulan" during the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday.

It’s based on the 1998 animated movie about a Chinese woman who pretends to be a man to spare her father from military service.

Chinese actress Crystal Liu stars as the title character and Jet Li portrays the Chinese emperor.

It doesn’t appear to be an exact remake of the original movie. Mulan’s family name has been changed from Fa to Hua.

Mushu, her dragon sidekick who was voiced by Eddie Murphy, is not listed among the characters. And her original love interest, Li Shang, has been replaced by Chen Honghui.

The new movie hits theaters March 27, 2020.

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