Three masked people caught on camera outside Charleston County home

VIDEO: Three masked people caught on camera outside Charleston County home

JAMES ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - A James Island family says three masked people attempted to get in their house on Thursday morning.

The Hottels live on Cecilia Cove Drive and say this all happened while one woman and her child were inside asleep, and her husband was at the gym.

The moment was all caught on the doorbell camera which sent a notification to Brad Hottel’s phone.

“I checked out what the camera video showed, and saw three masked men attempting to open our front door, hitting our doorbell camera, and luckily walking away,” Hottel said. “It definitely put a little scare into me.”

This moment was captured on camera around 5:30a.m.

“At that time, just hoping that they didn’t try to get in or get in through a different way and that my family that was still in my house was still safe,” he said.

Once he got home, he and his wife called the Charleston Police. Their report is still being processed.

“You don’t think about somebody trying to get into your house, taking something, or injuring you or something like that, especially when part of your family is not there,” Hottel said. “It was obviously disturbing for both of us.”

And they are not alone. Their next door neighbor was at a loss for words when she heard the news.

“I’m really shocked, because three years ago, we were broken into, robbed, door broken, everything,” Marcia Rodgers said. “The perpetrators were never caught, so we got security, the same neighbors got security system, several neighbors did.”

Though the three people didn’t come back, everyone is still on high alert.

“I’m hoping it’s a freak accident, obviously, but definitely be double-checking and triple-checking the doors tonight, making sure the alarm is set and keeping an eye out.”

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